Social Media Can Amplify Your Business

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Unassigned

Looking for an extra outlet to improve your business’ income and contacts?

Out there is a whole generation that lives, eats and breathes the world of social media. That is a whole chunk of the population that is yet to discover you and your business. You can unlock this world by creating social media platforms for your business with Universal Web Design.

Long gone is the world of address books and Yellow Pages,

now social media dominates the marketing industry as a unique tool that can boost your business’ presence and recognition by providing a gateway to the potential of a large amount of consumers.

By creating new outlets for promotion, it attracts new customers to you. Each platform may have a different audience – for example, someone may find your services through a LinkedIn post or through a specific hashtag on Twitter – either way, that is a new method of engaging with your potential consumers.

Different users find different approaches successful. Some businesses prefer to keep their posts informative through industry news – to keep their consumers up-to-date with their genre of work. Some find a direct approach more useful, by directing social media users to their website, email addresses and phone numbers. Whilst others prefer a more general route to online success – by giving their customers a gentle reminder of their presence and the services they provide.

The bigger your online following, the more people will see your posts. We ensure that your business’ account posts at least one update a day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, as these posts can simply reinforce to your potential customers your brand and service.

Social media can also act as a networking platform – through these online outlets, your contact base for other businesses, local shareholders and useful associates can grow vastly.

By using social media, you will see: increased website traffic, increased brand loyalty, improved brand recognition, higher conversion rates, and more customers!

We are proud to announce the new addition to our team: Tina, our dedicated social media specialist. Tina has a background in managing social media accounts as an ambassador for a very well-known high street fashion brand, so you can be sure that your online presence will be in safe hands. She will be active online throughout the day to build up your social media presence and amplify your business’ contacts.


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