How Social Media Has Changed Customer Service

by | May 20, 2016 | Unassigned

Although Social Media is a pretty new phenomenon,

it is now often taken for granted. If you step back and take an objective view on Social Media, it is incredible to think how many advantages it has provided to the commercial world.

It has created a whole channel of platforms for businesses to engage with their customers. We are now able to communicate with potential clients through a direct, instant and modern method.

Social Media is convenient for both parties – with an array of social platforms to choose from, you are quite literally one button away from your potential customers contacting you. It’s a quick and easy way to improve the brand awareness and brand loyalty within your business.

Customer service connects businesses with their customers, and social media naturally facilitates these relationships in a relaxed environment.

“All businesses should have social media as a communicative outlet for reaching out to potential customers. Your online promotion will naturally lead to increased sales and interest within your business.” says Tina Edwards, Social Media Manager at UWD. “Social media allows customer service to become more efficient and organised.”

Online platforms enables businesses to turn negative situations into positive outcomes. If a customer is disgruntled with your product or service, you are able to directly communicate with the customer to resolve it and ensure that the customer ultimately leaves happy.

It has transformed the way in which businesses advertise to our potential customers too. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow advertisers to invest in highly-targeted, cost-effective advertising.

This platform is also a perfect marketing platform. It allows businesses to connect with, and engage with their potential clients in a customer-friendly environment. Social platforms and marketing has become a synonymous pairing; so much so that many large businesses now have entire departments for social media marketing.

Many small to medium sized businesses cannot afford to do this, so that is where we come in. UWD offers your business a Social Media Manager, who will work closely alongside you to produce and post regular social media updates that accurately reflect your target audience and business objectives.

Whilst we cannot predict the future, we are pretty certain that online social platforms are only going to expand and develop. This means it is vital for businesses to continue investing in this high-returning growth medium. If you want to discuss a Social Media Management package with us, contact us on 01206 588000.