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Social Media Marketing Services

If you are in need of social media marketing services, you have come to the right place as social media marketing is where Universal Web Design excels as a company and are the appointed managers of social media accounts for businesses of all sizes in various general and niche industries.

Regardless of what you sell, one thing is for sure, and that is that we all sell to people. If you are looking to generate more sales, more enquiries and more website traffic, there is one thing we can guarantee you will need to be doing and that is reaching more people on a more frequent basis.

There is an art and science to both effective sales and marketing strategies and to an extent, it is a numbers game. The more people that businesses engage with, the more customers will be aware of what you have to offer. Essentially, you could not be in contact with enough customers and if you had more customers than you could handle. You would not be reading our position on the importance of social media marketing for all businesses.

Social media offers you another means of being found, an open space to share ideas, beliefs, new products, services, events and much more. Our social media marketing services have been designed with you as the business in mind, in that all of our social media marketing packages are cost-effective, sustainable and all-inclusive.

As a digital marketing company, we grow as a business by helping more and more businesses sell and promote the services and products they offer. Social media has been proven for many years as one of the most rewarding marketing methods and as a business owner, you too could benefit from our professional social media marketing services from just £75 per month and this includes a minimum of one update each day across; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

It is important to use multiple social media platforms as we all use different ones at certain times and or occasions. For instance, during the working day, business owners and professionals are more likely to be accessing Linkedin. However, on the way, after and during the day on lunch, they may also check into Facebook and Twitter. Afterall, the average Facebook user logs into Facebook 4 times per day.

Such statistics are mind boggling and all businesses should take advantage of social media for their businesses. Considering the average customer value for a hairdressers is £7,250 and £20,000 for an accountancy, it makes complete sense to be employing social media marketing services such as ours which cost start at just £75 per month.

Understanding your average customer value is essential as too many businesses make the mistake of comparing marketing cost against one transaction and it is this lack of knowledge which limits those businesses from ever growing either at all or at any considerable pace.

Once you have calculated your average customer value, I would be amazed if this was less than a hair dressers customer value of £7,250. Knowing this value is important as it makes you fall of your chair at what great value our social media marketing services are. Afterall, a hairdresser could employ our bronze social media management package for 8 years before they need to generate one customer to break even, two, they have doubled their money. For an accountant, they could employ our social marketing services for just over 22 years for the same results!

If you are looking to take your business to new level, then social media marketing could be a great way for you to take this jump and considering the entry level costs is just £75 per month, it could be the best investment you ever made.

To apply for our social media marketing services, please fill out the form provided below, or call 01206 588 000 or email or book to arrange a visit at our head offices at

Unit 5, Block B, Nesfield Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 3ZL

Social Media Marketing Services

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