How Social Media Marketing Can Work For Your Business?

Facts are Facts!

Social Media Marketing might not seem that important to your business on the surface, however, the potential for it to take your business to the next level cannot be ignored.

Did you know that 97% of marketers are using social media marketing and 78% of sales experts are using it to increase profit margins?

Shockingly, 50% of small businesses are not currently using social media to promote their business, advertise their products, or create brand recognition.

So, if you are part of that 50% of business owners then keep reading and you could learn just how beneficial it can be for your business.

Let’s discuss just some of the advantages to our expert Social Media Management packages here at Universal Web Design.

  • Create Brand Recognition

Social Media is the most popular platform for potential clients and customers and gaining recognition from potential clients is vital for any business. This allows you to reach more people which in turn, drives more traffic to your website. 

  • Tell your brand’s story

Social Media Marketing is a great way to connect with your customers. Tell them about your company whilst selling your products/services at the same time. Social media users might feel more inclinded to visit your website or business page if they know more about you! 

  • Watch your posts closely

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow users to view their posts insights, interactions, and how many users it has reached. This information is crucial as you can improve in areas you can see need attention. It really is that simple!

  • Keeping Customers Happy and Up to Date

Returning customers more often than not follow and interact with the brands they use and enjoy. They want to be updated on the latest products, services, and special offers. So, the more customers you have actively following you and interacting with you, the more likely they are to recommend your business, They may even leave a review, and most importantly, chose you over your competitors!

  • Hashtags

Using hashtags in your Social Media Marketing posts can be beneficial. It allows you to connect with other social media users who have the same interests all on the same platform. Using hashtags is free and can lead to your tweets or posts being re-posted or re-tweeted!

What UWD can do for you?


  • Our dedicated team use their expertise to generate posts that increase interaction on your social media pages.
  • We will stay on top of what is new in your business and be sure to let your followers know! 
  • All of the services we provide are tailored to your business needs. 
  • After your social media campaign is live, our team will track it, measure it, and assess the success, and make any changes you wish.
  • We work closely with all of our clients to make sure our services are exactly what you want!

So, to find out more about how the professional experts at Universal Web Design can help your business grow from strength to strength.

Call us today on 01206 588000 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff.

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So, we are looking forward to working with you soon!