Get Your SSL Certificate TODAY Ahead Of The May Deadline!

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Unassigned

In the end EVERY website needs an SSL certificate. It’s important to get this done as soon as you can, or you may be fined.

In addition, Google will start warning website users about their HTTPS being insecure. But never fear, Universal Web Design are here. If you want your business to succeed online and become a trusted source with your customers, then an SSL is an important certificate to obtain before the month of May!

Failing to act now, could also potentially put you in the firing line for a GDPR data fine. And a possible hammering of lost traffic on your website to boot.

If you have an eCommerce website then not only does an SSL help to keep your customer’s information safe. It also gives your customer the piece of mind and authentication they need when visiting or purchasing your product/service on your website.

Essentially, if your website were a building then your hosting platform would be the land it’s built on. Your domain would then act as a signpost, telling people where to locate it.

Simple, right?

A correctly installed SSL will be visible on your website, with a small green padlock icon displayed to the left of the URL browser.

This is used to secure data transfers, credit card transactions, logins and other personal information. This provides security to customers, ensuring they stay on your website for longer periods of time.

After all, trust is incredibly important to online shoppers and without some kind of seal of approval in the form of an SSL on your web page, you could be affected by the latest GDPR change if no action is taken. If that isn’t a good enough reason for the installation of an SSL, what is?!

Our sales department are working hard to contact our existing hosting customers to make sure their up to date with an SSL installed on their website. This is something we can install for you if you so wish. 97% have acted and are now safe from any potential punishment. Now we’re here to make sure you’re within the same bracket!


NOW is the time to contact Universal Web Design! We can help your business pass any data confusion and succeed online. If you would like to find out more information on how you can get your SSL today, please contact the sales team on 01206 588 000.

We cannot stress enough how important this is to have installed . Act NOW before it’s too late!