Accessible Support from Universal Web Design

by | Apr 2, 2015 | Unassigned

We know that running a business can mean long, stressful, fast-paced and jam-packed days for you. This is why we’ve come up with a handy tool, which will allow you to gain immediate access to one of our digital marketing managers, who can deal with your particular account swiftly and efficiently. Universal Web Design now has a new contact e-mail address, solely to deal with any support issues, quotes or urgent requests from all our clients.

The new address will allow anyone to contact a member of our digital team at the click of a button. We have an in-house team of eight developers, designers and marketers meaning the response will be prompt and, on top of this, emailing this address will set up a UWD Ticket immediately, hassle-free. This means that, should you need any work carried out on your behalf – whether you’ve been with us for two years, two months or two seconds – it will go onto a fully itemised bill,

leaving you with much less to worry about.

Doing this, you can also choose whether or not you want to give a member of our team free-reign to deal with your query, or whether you want to be there every step of the way. The experts at UWD are flexible to your needs and are more than happy to continue regular liaison if that’s what you may wish. The UWD Ticket will also allow any work done to be noted and tracked every step of the way, ensuring you don’t end up with a huge, unexpected bill at the end of the day.

To enquire further about the new support made easier system, call our offices on 01206 588000 to speak directly to a member of our team, and have your queries answered as soon as possible.