Takeaway Websites, Is Your Business Paying Unnecessary Commission?

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Unassigned

Food ordering and takeaway websites and apps are dramatically increasing in popularity as the demand for a more socially distanced service style increases. 

Many apps and ordering sites run on a commission basis, thus, the more your customer buys through them, the more you have to hand over. Such a payment method seems a little unfair to us. Why should you suffer for the popularity of your dishes?

Is your restaurant or takeaway ready?

With social distancing in full force, restaurants have had to limit the number of customers within their premises. To keep afloat and top up their revenue, many restaurants are turning to takeaways. 

Takeaways are a whole different ball game in terms of the operation and organisation. A disorganised takeaway system can affect your restaurant’s service. As a restaurant, you will want a system that is easy to manage, control, and alter when required. 

Takeaway with Universal Web Design

At Universal Web Design, our skilled web designers are able to create an easy to use ordering system with controllable functions. 

We understand that your menu can alter not only daily, but mid-service. Control the dishes on offer by having the means to make mid-service alterations. Your bespoke ordering website will be simple for the customer, allowing them to peruse your menu with ease with unlimited images to entice ordering to commence. 

Our programming not only enables ease of ordering but also swift payment through unlimited payment methods. Whether your business prefers payment via PayPal, WorldPay, or Stripe (to mention just a few), any payment gateway is possible with a UWD designed website or app.

At Universal Web Design, we want your business to be successful through such uncertain times. The success of your takeaway ordering through a Universal Web Design website or app can be monitored with Google Analytics. Gain further information in regards to your customers’ buying habits, enabling you to improve your service with the analytical dashboard.

Trust in Universal Web Design to create an ordering system for your restaurant without the costly commission charged by the likes of Just Eat and Hungry House. Order your takeaway website for just £1,500 plus £50 per month.

For further information on the creation of your very own takeaway website, contact us today. Call a friendly member of our team on 01206 588 000 or visit our website at www.universalwebdesign.co.uk