The Benefits of Email Marketing

by | May 9, 2021 | Unassigned

Email marketing is an invaluable method of marketing for a wide range of companies. Almost every type of business can benefit from email marketing. It is an incredibly versatile way to get your services and/or products to your subscribers.

You can reach thousands of people with a single email being sent and this can result in sales and enquiries. So here are a few of the benefits of Email Marketing.


Email marketing only targets the people that you have the details for. They are often prior customers or suppliers and have given you permission to use their information in this way. This means that you are not bombarding random people in the hopes that someone will get into contact with you. You are contacting people that you already know are interested in your services and what it is that you have to offer them. (source).

Boost Recognition

This is a great way to boost the recognition of your brand. Many people forget where they buy specific things, especially if it is from a new business. Well, this is a way of reminding your customers exactly who you are and what you have to offer. Brand recognition is a step o brand reputation and that is something that can help boost sales. The more a customer recognises you, the more likely it is that they will trust you and return to you. (source).

Boost Sales

This is a great way to get your services to the customer directly. You can let them know about new product launches and special offers. You can even have exclusive offers directly to your subscribers. Email Marketing is a great way to remind former customers who you are and what it is that you have to offer. (source).

Inexpensive and Quick

This is a very quick and easy way of getting your products/services out to your customer base. It all depends on how often you wish to send out emails, how detailed and how many people you are sending them to. An email can take up to an hour to get right and less than a second to send out.

They are inexpensive, many accounts are free up to a couple of thousand subscribers and then afterwards, they are a nominal monthly fee. It does not take long to draft and email and send it out and you could be getting dozens of inquiries or sales in return. (source).

Email marketing may seem like a dated way of keeping in touch with your customers, but it works. It reminds the customer who you are and what it is that you have to offer. Universal Web Design has a fantastic marketing team that are experts in email marketing. To find out more, please, visit our website on, call on 01206 588 000 or email us at