What Is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is a form of communication between a business and consumers. A contact database is built through subscribers. From subscribed email addresses, contacts can be segmented based on their consumer needs, such as:

  • Other businesses, for B2B marketing purposes.
  • Consumers

By segmenting your email list, tailored emails can be sent to a more target specific audience. 

Email marketing is a popular mode of marketing due to being able to easily target consumers. If done correctly, email marketing can make consumers feel part of a community, knowing the information they are receiving is not for the open world. Emails can be as specific as individually wishing a consumer a happy birthday. Such personal interaction is one of the many reasons why email marketing is so popular with businesses. 

How to increase my pool of consumers

One downside to email marking is that your consumers must have signed up to join the contact list. As a company, you are unable to spam email addresses that have not signed up to your mail list. Thus, the larger the pool of contacts, the more effective your email marketing will be. There are many ways to increase the number of consumers on your mail list:


  • Encourage your consumers to enter their email address at the checkout

If your business is e-commerce based, or selling a product in a shop, ask for an email address at the checkout. 


  • Through other marketing outlets

Use other marketing outlets such as social media to encourage email addresses to be added. Raise interest, for instance running competitions for a prize draw when an email address is added. Promote the email marketing pro’s to your consumers. Pro’s may include offers only given to those subscribed. 


  • Collect business cards

By collecting business cards and asking permission to add onto the mail list, your address book will increase. Business cards can be collected either in person or through props around your shop or reception area.


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