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Throughout the past few years HTML is becoming less and less needed in the modern world of design. It was only a few months ago that you could easily customize font size and font colour through simple HTML code, however those days have certainly past.

CSS is becoming the out and out all mighty when it comes to styling web pages. But what does this mean for us as designers?

Whilst I can understand the fury of many web designers when the domination of CSS began to take hold and the redundancy of HTML began due to a new learning curve needed and for most people it was a simple matter of disliking change. The web designer with 10 years + web design experience that has always used HTML would not have liked the prompt transition from HTML to CSS. The amateur web designer or business owner that fiddles with their own website also would not have liked the HTML to CSS transition.

So Why Has HTML Been Made Redundant for Styling?

Quite simply CSS is a far neater, cleaner and easier to understand code for search engines to read and crawl. Some internet browsers supposedly benefit from reading CSS code as well.

CSS also offers many more options and is far more robust than HTML, yet another great reason for the changeover.

So Who Benefits from CSS code?

CSS code not only benefits web browsers and search engines by being able to crawl and understand code and styles easily, but it also benefits you as a web designer. There are many amateur web designers and ‘fiddlers’ that will not know what had hit them when HTML was and is being made further redundant. The only skills they probably knew are being removed right from under them, like someone pulling a rug out below your feet; your going to crash to the ground hard.

CSS coding is slightly more complex and it’s no where near as easy to explain or provide a couple of copy and paste code snippets, so most fiddlers and amateur web designers will just leave it to the Pro’s from now on.

Our view

It makes sense to change, CSS offers so much more and old hat HTML code just clogs up your website with unnecessary code. We want to make websites fast and search engine friendly, CSS enables you to do this.