The Importance of SEO

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Unassigned

First of all, what does SEO stand for? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Then comes the question of what is it? SEO is the process of improving your website visibility to search engine searches.

This process boosts your ranking on search engine result pages and thus makes your website something far more likely to be seen and visited. This means the improved traffic to your website can result in improved business. 

What Kinds Of SEO Are There?

SEO is the process of using keywords, key phrase optimisation, link building and content marketing etc. to make your website more relevant to searches. There are several types of SEO;

One-page SEO Off-page SEO TApp Store Optimization
Technical SEO Local SEO YouTube SEO


Each of these can improve your web traffic in different ways and optimise your search results. One-page SEO is the most common form. This is based on the content of your website and what the client sees when it comes to the website. Off-page SEO is one of the most difficult forms of SEO, it is, in part link building between your site and other websites.

Another part of it is through social media. This is where your posts and blogs are being shared and backlinks to your website. This is through things such as journals, blogs, social media posts, etc and relies on people building solid relationships with those people. Technical SEO is a kind of on-page SEO, but more behind hat you see on the page.

Its a part of SEO that tells the search engines what your website is about. This is something only the search engines see to optimise your website. Local SEO is for places like stores that have a physical presence. It is making sure that your business is seen in local areas shops by things such as claiming your Google business page, having photo’s, reviews, your address, your opening times and contact information.

All of this contributes to your local SEO. App Store Optimization is very similar to on-page SEO only in regards to your app if you have one. It uses things such as your description, title and icon to optimise your search result ranking. YouTube SEO is using YouTube to increase your SEO. your video’s need to be engaging, relevant.

Your title and description need to be accurate and descriptive, in this case, a longer description is better. It will tell the search engine exactly what your video is about and you need to think about keyword tags as well. (source).

SEO is all about increasing the traffic to your website and thus increasing your business. It is not a simple process and can get complicated. This is where a Search Engine Optimisation Agency, such as Universal Web Design can come into play.

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