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Good Web Design is quite difficult. It is very easy to make a basic website. Less so to make a great website. The job of the web designer is to create a website that not only looks good but is also functional. There is a lot of things that web designers need to think about to create an effective website that engages with the audience and retains their interest.

Website Purpose

Why does the website exist? What is it meant to be doing? These are questions that you need to keep in mind when you are designing a new website. A website without a clear purpose is useless. It won’t get much traffic and what traffic it does get will not last long. A website without a purpose simply will not hold the interest of the audience there are four main purposes that almost all websites have;
Describing Expertise
Building Your Reputation
Generating Leads
Sales and After Care
This is can be used as a rough guide on ensuring that your website has a purpose and from there you can design an engaging website for the purpose. (source).


Simplicity is always the key when it comes to designing a website. No one likes going on a website and having to navigate an overly complicated website. It is annoying, frustrating and a quick way to lose any audience that decides to click onto your website. There are a few guides that you can use to ensure the simplicity of your website and engage with the website.


Colour is powerful. It can evoke emotion and convey messages so it must be done correctly. You need to find a colour palette that will suit your brand and the message and emotion that you want it to convey. Avoid clashing colours whenever possible. Remember, there is a difference between contrast and clashing. Contrasts can engage the audience, clashing might just send them away.


This is an important visual aid to your website. This is what your audience will be reading, so you need to make certain that it is legible. Also, try and not to use too many different fonts on your website. In general three should do.


This is an important factor to consider when it comes to your website and includes all forms of it from images to graphics and video. This must be something that will engage the audience. They need to be expressive and capture the essence of the brand They are often the first impression that the audience will have on the brand so make it count.


This is how the audience finds their way through the website, so make it easy for them. Do not overcomplicate things. The easier they make their way to the desired pages, the less likely it is that they will instantly click off. Keep it simple and consistent.

These are only some of the principles for an effective web design. There are more, depending on where you are searching for them. They are good starting places for understanding how to best utilise the design of your website to make it attractive to the audience. Universal Web design can help you with this as we have a team of web designers ready to help you make the best of your website. To find out how we can best help you, visit our website on, email us on or give us a call on 01206 588 000.