The Q&A With… Nathan Hayes!

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Unassigned

As little as a year ago, Nathan made a decision that most of us would struggle to comprehend. Quitting a near professional Rugby career at such a young age may have made minds boggle but after reading and now hearing the reasons, you begin to understand the decision and ultimately how he has channelled his passion into a career at UWD.

Nathan was a member of The Colne Rugby Academy. It’s reputation is high for producing Rugby players and it wasn’t long before Nathan received opportunities to move to America and chase his dream of playing the sport professionally. Alas, it wasn’t to be for the Halstead born youngster who suffered a career ending injury after the first season at the academy.

Nathan’s knee was badly damaged, he tore ligaments and cracked a shin bone after a heavy challenge from an opponent. Despite recovering quickly and attempting to return to the game he loves at a lower level, he admits it wasn’t really the same as he couldn’t get his previous strength back in his knee to how it once was. In turn, this made him more wary of going in for tackles and as a result lost his confidence in his once promising ability. Nonetheless, Nathan hasn’t given up on returning to the sport again in the future.

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Despite the early setback, Nathan threw himself into the world of work from an early age.

Working on the markets getting up at 3am before school, coupled with a paper round installed a determination to succeed in his working life and set out to find a job. Nathan applied for the Sales Executive role at Universal and after a successful interview he got the job, going from strength to strength as he looks to grow his client base even further into 2019.

Nathan is the man in the know when it comes to offering clients what they require online, from digital marketing prowess to eye-catching websites for a variety of industry leading businesses. He has excellent business sense and a natural understanding of how UWD’s capabilities might best add value to your company.

We’re all about the personal touch within our company, and with this in mind a Q&A is a great way to get to know the team on a business and personal level. So, without further or do, let’s see what Nathan has to say in his Q&A edition!

What attracted you to the Sales Executive role at UWD?
“From the outset I was drawn to the detail of the application. I liked the detail that Danny included, he clearly spent time specifying exactly what we was looking for and I saw myself in that role. I also liked the feel of the company and what UWD stands for, so I gave Danny a call, got the interview and was delighted when he told me I was successful in getting the job – here I am now!”

What’s your most memorable sale you’ve made to date at UWD?
“My first one! I got my first sale fairly quickly, after lots of hard work and learning all the efficient processes we have at Universal. It certainly gave me the confidence and understanding to develop in the role.”

What’s been the best part about your time at UWD so far?
“I’ve got to say, I really enjoy learning from Danny. He has a lot of useful knowledge which he has entrusted in me, he’s been a great help and allowed me to grow within the company.”

What is your normal working day like at UWD?
“My day starts at 8am, I adhere to any email/messages I receive and then from 8;30 onwards its a packed full day of phone calls, meetings, networking events and answering and client queries, right up until the end of the working day – it’s a great buzz!”

What advice would you have for those looking to join the company?
“Be genuine, confident and truly hardworking. Follow these three attributes and there is no reason why you can’t be successful at UWD.”

What do you do in your spare time to unwind from a busy week at work?
“Most of my free time is spent on cars. I’m passionate about them and enjoy learning new things and modifying improvements to my own car when and where I can. I also enjoy reading and playing/watching rugby.”

What is your favourite food?
“My mums carbonara – it’s insanely good!”

What is your favourite Film/TV programme?
Film = Focus (Will Smith)
TV Programme = Brooklyn Nine-Nine

What is your favourite song?
“White Iverson by Post Malone.”

Top FIVE celebrities you would have round for a dinner party and why? (Dead or alive)

  1. Post Malone – I would love to meet him!
  2. Joe Rogan – A really interesting guy.
  3. Adolf Hitler – Just to ask why…
  4. Jeremy Clarkson – I think he is hilarious.
  5. Jordan Peterson – I think I could learn a lot from him.

Which THREE words describe you best?

  1. Driven
  2. Kind
  3. Passionate

What is your greatest achievement?
“Myself. I’m always confident in myself and believing I can succeed in anything I put my mind to – I think that’s the greatest achievement there is.”

What is your hidden talent?
“I can do the worm…”

What is your favourite motivational quote?
“If you are afraid of failure, you don’t deserve to be successful”

Nathan’s young life is an interesting story that looks to develop here at Universal Web Design. Thus, you have the opportunity to come in and discuss any requirements you may have website or marketing related and meet the rest of the UWD team in our digital lounge. Alternatively, you can reach Nathan Hayes and the sales team via email or call directly today on 01206 588 000.