The Secrets Of A Content Writer

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Content Writing

Content writing is a broad term that can include many different forms and styles of writing. In order to excel at content writing, you need to be adaptable and very flexible – and no I’m not talking about bending over backward.

The secret is, a content writer won’t necessarily specialise in writing about one industry. A great content writer will know exactly how to research a topic or product in great detail. So much so that you would never be able to tell, they are not an expert. 

A trained professional will possess the ability to create exciting and relevant content for your online needs. Whether it’s the copy for a web page or a blog article, your content writer should be able to switch between all forms of content creation. 

Qualities To Look For

To make sure you are investing in a specialist, there are a few things you can look for when discussing ideas with a content writer:

Do they have a solid grip on grammar and spelling? Have you seen any mistakes in an email?
How quickly does your content writer take to reply, or send work back to you?
How well can your content writer switch between topics and tones?
Can they show they have properly researched the relevant industry?


At Universal Web Design we understand the importance of relevant and interesting content. Our in-house specialists are able to accommodate your every need.

Whether that’s an SEO landing page, a blog article, web page content or even content for email marketing. Our writers are trained and ready for anything.

Our content creation service is available and the team would love to work with you to create gripping, high-quality content. By taking advantage of this service you can be sure that our skilled writers will optimise your pages and use relevant terms and keywords. 

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