The Summer Sizzler New Website Offer!

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Unassigned

This month we have a ‘Summer Sizzler’ special offer

on all websites orders placed in June. As there are many websites online yet to become GDPR compliant, we want to help small businesses by including:

  • Cookie Policy (worth £60)
  • Privacy Policy (worth £60)
  • Security Certificate (worth £120)

Within all website orders placed in June 2018.

This equates to a total saving of £240. Hence our direct message to you regarding this special offer available for a limited time only. Our website packages start at £300 so let it’s worth letting the team at Universal Web Design know about your website requirements and the exclusive offer.

Not only will you be saving money with our latest deal, you’ll also be improving your businesses online presence. It’s natural that with any online platform you have – or don’t have – will be judged by not only customers, but competitors also.

If your business doesn’t have a bespoke company website then it’s time you stepped into the 21st century and you took your business into a new age!

The professionals at Universal Web Design are able to manage all your website and marketing matters. We do this through expert strategies that target your specific audience and help you on your way to becoming successful on the world wide web.


Until now, your online presence may not have been considered. Especially if your business is performing to a high standard on the high street. However, are you prepared to wait for the quiet periods that come along every so often and lose out on profits, or much worse?  Instead you can maximise your potential and be seen from all angles!

We’re here to help you become a success online, with a new bespoke website thanks to our summer sizzler deal. Contact us today at Universal Web Design.

You can speak to a member of our web team to get your project in motion.

You can also call the sales department on 01206 588 000 to register your interest in the limited time deal. Alternatively you can email us on where your query will be dealt with accordingly.

Get your summer off to the perfect start with Universal Web Design!