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A recent report by Brandwatch has revealed the top ten companies on social media for tech geeks:
1. Lenovo
2. Nintendo
3. Samsung
4. Intel
6. Microsoft
7. LG
8. Garmin
9. HTC
10. GE Appliances

Lenovo, Nintendo and Samsung are winning the battle of the tech brands on social media. Other successful giants such as Microsoft, LG and Apple are creating dialogues with consumers around computers, TVs and mobile phones.

Strategic accounts manager Nick Barna said: “As the consumer technology industry continues to grow and innovate, it becomes increasingly difficult for brands to stay at pace with the expectations of their customers. Social media intelligence offers brands the ability to be proactive in the face of a changing market”.

The report found that the social audiences of leading tech brands are “heavily male” – surprise, surprise.

But the Brandwatch report also showed that brand leaders are constantly changing depending on the current campaign and events, with newer sectors such as drone technology and VR still in a “constant state of flux”.

The companies social influence was measured using a number of metrics such as social visibility, general visibility, net sentiment, engagement and reach.

We can also see from the report that social media approval is a “disruptive” influence on consumer tech. For example, if an audience takes a particular liking to a product such as a smartwatch or a water-resistant phone, the product is likely to do well in the general market. However, if the product is not liked on social media – such as Google Glass or 3D TVs, this will affect its sales success with the public.

The Facebook content of consumer tech brands’ profiles were analysed, and the content with the most interaction gathered. The results show that the most successful outlets were Photos at 55%, followed by Image Links at 23%, Videos at 21% and Status’ at 1%.

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