Universal Covid-19 Compliance

by | May 25, 2020 | Unassigned

Ensuring that your staff can return safely to the workplace after lock down has caused more than a few headaches for pretty much everyone in business.

It has been stated in Government Guidelines that should your work force be able to work remotely, even now in May 2020, that this should be allowed without condensation. Travel, especially for those using public transport also has to be factored in. 

It is not always that simple though, take marketing and communications for example. Staff, or the creative team must be able to converse quickly and re-actively with one another, along with the web department, credit control and other key team players of the well oiled machine.

So how do you achieve social distancing and implement all of the safety protocols and procedures, ensuring your team of dedicated hard working professionals can get on with the job in hand?

Danny Nevill of Universal Web Design pondered this with his HR & Compliance team, and with a little shuffling around the office, is proud to say, they’re almost back up to full capacity. Granted, they are blessed with a spacious airy office over two floors, and this has been pinnacle in the ‘back to work’ plan.

Each team member is spaced adequately from the next, and though this leaves a few empty desks, its safety first at UWD.

One or two team members are still working remotely, though not every day, but this ensures that there is ample space available for those who do need to be in the office daily, and that there is not what is classed as ‘unnecessary travel’ in play for those on the team that can just as easily and productively work from home.

The 8am start time remains in play, but the morning briefing has been suspended in place of being in the right designated space to remain compliant. Even calling upstairs against walking up is the new norm and there have been more than a few humorous zoom meetings in-house.

Universal Web Design are industry-leading specialists in the field of all things web design, marketing and communications. We understand that not all business owners have the spare time available to put into their marketing strategy what they need out of it, no matter the business size or budget.

This is where our dedicated team of experts can step in and take the burden from you. To find out more about how the professional experts at Universal Web Design can help your business go from strength to strength, call us today on 01206 588000 or email info@universalwebdesign.co.uk – We are looking forward to working with you soon.