The Benefits of an Up-to-Date Website

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Unassigned

In the 21st Century, your direct link to your customers is through the internet. Never before has it been so easy to communicate with clients in order to sell your product – you can literally take your business straight to consumers, creating a convenient and more approachable image for your company.

Why is it important to keep your website regularly updated?

  1. Sell, sell, sell. In order to sell your business, potential customers need to able to view your product with ease. Nothing is easier for a client than to have their options one click away, so updating your services or products page is essential to market anything new to your company.
  2. Keep them in-the-loop. Loyal customers will love to know about any deals your business may be offering, or any events (such as networking) that you may be attending. With that in mind, keep your website updated regularly with news so clients, both current and potential, know what’s going on.
  3. Keeping it personal. This regular news feed will also allow you to connect with customers personally, which is an essential tool for an SME operating at a local level. An ideal platform for this is a blog on your website, similar to the one offered by us here at UWD (click here).
  4. Security. Websites get hacked on a daily basis, and the last thing you want is to find yourself losing business because your website is down. Internet security is constantly changing and, so too, must your site’s personal security – protect yourself.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Fads and trends come and go weekly, often daily. This is why it is crucial to regularly update your website, in order to increase your chances of potential customers finding you page. For example, just last week, a main trend online was a discussion on the best CMS platform for SMEs, which UWD contributed to (find it here).
  6. Tracking. You can track your reach through internet traffic to your site, and find out just how many people your business is found by.
  7. Look pretty. Every so often, everything needs a makeover – your car, your house, your wardrobe, etc. It’s important to keep your website aesthetically appealing in order to attract clients. Just as an attractive store-front on a high street will draw in customers, so too will a good-looking website.

We know that, as a business-owner, you lead a very busy lifestyle. It is for this reason that many companies outsource their website and marketing management. At UWD, one of our web designers will help you with the initial set-up of your site, and then a content marketing manager will work closely with you to keep your site regularly updated. Find a list of our web design packages here, and feel free to contact any member of our team if you have any questions.