Are You Using Your Social Media Effectively?

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Unassigned

In an online world where contact is never too far away, companies need to make sure they’re up to date. However, many businesses are simply not using Social Media effectively; and some aren’t using online platforms at all!

Whether it be promoting, complaining or praising, customers like to know that a company is active on Social Media. Big or small, industry leading or not, Social Media has the power to take your business as a whole to the next level.

Nevertheless, Social Media isn’t just about communication, Social Media is also about behaviour. Social media should be about building relationships with customers.

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Organisations need to show customers what they’re doing, not just tell them. For instance, if a customer’s order goes missing, the social media dialogue about the incident should show what the company has done to resolve the problem. Thus, making the customer feel like a priority.

But, many companies are failing to manage their social interactions well. This may be because they feel the pressure to be on all platforms all the time. While it’s ideal to be on all forms of Social Media, each one serves a different purpose.

For example, Instagram is very much image based, often showcasing a ‘fly on the wall’ feel to a business. Where as Linkedin is more business savvy, it’s a professional zone where people can connect and potentially work together. This helps to generate further business with like-minded business connections.

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In addition, because online platforms are so diverse and different, it can be tricky to stay regular.


when you have other areas of your business to focus on.

Here at Universal Web Design, not only do we know the online world inside out, we’re also able to completely manage your online platforms for you. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin can become active and generate the online custom you crave!

Our in-house Social Media team are experts in channelling all types of businesses and industries online. The depth in which connections can be made with your audience are important to us. We can put a plan into place of how best to utilise your presence in the Social Media world.

All of our social media marketing services at Universal Web Design are tailored to meet your requirements, no matter what they are. Once your campaign has gone live, we will then closely track, measure and assess its success.

Your campaign is updated daily, which can provide those all important likes or audiences that require your product and/or service. We simply show that no one can ignore you in the online business world any longer.

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