Using Social Media to Your Advantage

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Unassigned

Sometimes it seems as if the world revolves around social media. Almost everyone who has internet access regularly has at least one social media account, and many have multiple. From a marketing perspective, this is a wealth of potential clients and/or customers you could take advantage of.

This is a direct line of communication to your customer and a chance to build brand awareness towards your business and what you have to offer. So, here are a few tips on how to take advantage of social media. 


Quick question, what do you think will matter more, a dozen posts a day that are not well planned, or a single, well planned and carefully produced post? That’s right, the post. Quality will always matter more than quality. Having quality posts demonstrates that you care about your brand and will offer only the best to your customers instead of bombarding them with poorly planned posts that will simply turn them away from you. 


No, I do not mean social media advertising, though that is always an option for you. I mean something a little bit more complicated in some way. Do not focus all your posts attention on your products or services. You are trying to build a relationship with your customers, remember? They will want to feel a bond with you. They won’t if you are only telling them about what you want to sell them. This could mean that you are going to end up labelled as a spammer. Push content that relates to your products but is not necessarily about your product. Such as advice for what to wear for spring or something similar.


Engagement is a direct line to your customer base, so why not use it? Respond to customer enquiries. Ask quotations, create polls and in general intact with your customer base. The more they feel that you are not simply trying to get them to buy something, the more likely they will choose your business over another.


A link does not grab attention. It can often simply be more irritating to have to click on something for the information. No, you need to use images to their most full advantage. Use an image to capture the potential client’s attention. Give the customer’s eyes something to catch. A link will not do the trick, and an image leads to more interaction with the customer base. 


From time to time, the internet is a hostile place. No one can deny that, and the same goes for social media. The trick is to reply to any negative comments and prevent the negativity from spreading. Leaving negative comments unresolved can lead to damage to your brand’s reputation. 


Be realistic and do not expect instant results. Building up a social media following takes time, and you need to be patient with it. It is a great way to build a following if you do not be too heavy-handed with your social media strategy.

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