Video Is A Must

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Unassigned

There is no denying that videos on the internet have a large engagement than any other form of posting online. Considering YouTube’s engagement has been on the rise between 40 and 50 % year in and year out, it is very clear that video is a must for your business if you want to trend and be relevant on a digital platform.

Video digital marketing is top tier, whether it is for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and your own website, when it is paired with accurate and valuable user metrics that will provide you with much more useful data and a lot more engagement with your company.

At Universal Web Design, we love to product company videos. Our team is very experienced in media production. We believe that through a company video that your company’s personality and beliefs. A genuine video message and good video product will help you gain impressive levels of engagement and we know exactly how to do that.

Why Choose Universal Web Design?

Universal Web Design

Content continues to be essential to digital marketing. At Universal Web Design we know that quality content will keep your engagement on top. With our services, we can know your audience and we can specialise you content to specific audiences and experts to obtain an impressive yield or results. Measuring content enables us to improve your website and therefore keep your business more relevant and moving forward.  

If you are interested in a company video that perfectly showcases your products/services to a wider audience at a reasonable price but with a professional finish, then choose Universal Web Design – good content matters!

We are based in Colchester, Essex. However, we will work with you in a location that suits your company, product and/or services. UWD has a team of professional script writers, presenters and Videographers who specialise in video production.

Our prices start at £800 for a full day of production and website upload, with state of the art cameras and other additional equipment and software. The expert team are on hand to pursue your company’s video needs.

To speak to our in-house team directly either in the office or on the telephone, please call Universal Web Design on 01206 588 000 or email – good quality video content is a must, if you’re looking to achieve online.