Video Marketing – The Key To Online Success!

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Video Marketing and Video Production

NEWS: Video Marketing is the future King in line to the SEO Crown!

It has become evident that Video Marketing really and truly is now affecting SEO.It is already having a big impact, but it is predicted that by 2015 92% of websites will have Videos on their websites and it is more likely that 99% of websites that you will visit as search engine visitors will contain video as it will become almost impossible to rank highly on any search engine in a few years time without video.

“1-3 minutes footage is great for a welcome video!”

Video marketing can be used in various ways, these include:


So you are probably thinking that this all sounds great, but it sounds difficult, expensive and a lot of hassle. THINK AGAIN! Video Marketing has become an affordable form of marketing, in a years or so time it will cost you a fortune not to have a video There are now a few ways to get a web video, these include video marketing companies or some web design companies now also offer video marketing services.

These are very affordable services for businesses. For example Universal Web Design offer all the video marketing services you will need.

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Three Video Marketing Tips:

>Use confident, representable presenters to represent your business

>Keep a clear concise message, you can bring a bit of personalty to the video with respect to the context

>Share your video socially on Facebook, Youtube and even Linked In.


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