Web Design Trends To Watch Out For

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Unassigned

Web Design Trends are ever-evolving. With new advances in technology, there are so many ways to change up how your website outlook. The trends can determine what is in and what can make your website more successful with your target audience. These are not all the trends, just some of them.

Knowing the latest trends can ensure that your website not only remains with the times, but it can increase attention to your site from more than just your target audience. This can increase the traffic to your site which means more customers. Increases interest in your website also results in an increased amount of time on the site, which increases interest in your business. 


Neumorphism began to gain traction in 2020 and looks set to take 2021 by storm. This is a new way of describing the rebirth of Skeuomorphism. This is a design that focuses on minimal design with a play on the sift, extruded plastic look. This can present new challenges to web designers. For example, classic buttons on the website a clearly defined, you can easily tell them apart from the background.

Neumorphism is the contradiction of that. It is an incredibly simplistic design and doing simple well can be difficult for the web designer. However, this design has elegance to it. Because of its simplistic design, this ensures that anything on the webpage stands out, but still looks natural and seems to almost flow. This is a web trend that is one to watch and will no doubt gain traction in 2021. (source)

Black Outline

The black outline or borer is a growing trend of 2021. It has always been a trend in web design. This is a very simplistic but incredibly popular style. It makes the perfect border and can vary in thickness. It is also a great way of separating different elements on the webpage. It also gives a clear definition of pictures which means what the pictured themselves are highlighted.

It can make the website more captivating as it is more than a blank screen with text on it. It creates interest in what your website has to offer and this can mean that you not only have an increased time spent on your website but that this can increase sales and interest in your product. (source)


Customers and consumers love clicking. Its an interaction with the website that not only feeds into the addiction consumers have but is a way of measuring popular aspects of the website. This can give you measurable feedback on what elements of your website. You will be able to tell what aspects of your website are working and what is not.


When it comes to animations, there are a lot of things that you can do with them on your website. A great example is using a background animation to tell the story of your company. Viewers love background animation.

This can give them a glimpse into the day to day of your business, allow them to learn and get to know your company without having to dig through pages of text. It can help make the tone of the webpage more playful and interesting that before and this can impact the viewer’s perception of the company, the website does need to reflect the company and what the company does.

Being too serious without reason can ensure that the viewer loses interest. An animation can keep the viewer attention and make them interested in what your company has to offer. (source)

These are only a few of the trends that are currently popular and are likely to remain that way. They are timeless trends that will look good no matter what. The trend may fade, but your website will still look incredible. Universal Web Design can help you get these trends onto your website.

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