Web Video

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Web Video

Web Video has been a hot topic for quite a while now, but a lot of businesses still do not have a web video on their website.

Everyone agrees that web video is much more engaging than reading ‘content’

Some questions that business owners ask when referring to online video:


Does my business need a web video?

Yes, it is a simple answer, every business needs a online video. Website videos have already improved some businesses conversion rates by 60%. Surveys have proved that web video increases the businesses viability. Google has confirmed they are onboard to continue making web video a KEY are for future SEO!

“Fax Machines, you are probably thinking ‘FAX MACHINES’ ??? Yes fax machines, everyone used to have one but now everyone uses email. This is the same situation business owners are in with their websites, there is a transformation happening with how people are going to do things online. currently most websites have text as their content, but by 2014 it is predicted that 75% of businesses will have videos on their website and text will become nearly as extinct as the forgotten ‘fax machine’.

Don’t act when it is too late! Businesses that did act first when creating their websites broke records and built multi million pound businesses. Web video is the next BIG THING!

What type of video can I have?

  • Web Video – We will install a video onto your website to either sell or inform customers. ( With our expertise we can make this a simple process)
  • E-Mail Video – Send a tailored video to customers in your email marketing, 72% of people prefer video emails over text emails.
  • DVD – We can even produce a business DVD. Use the DVD to demonstrate your business, how your business operates, your business locations and team on a professional video. Some businesses also send future employees training/induction videos prior to entering their position. This can save time and money!
  • Your Ideas – Our team love a challenge, tell us your idea. We will be happy to create you a bespoke requirement!

Getting to the point

Our team here at Universal Web Design have noticed that the points listed above are the biggest obstacles businesses are currently facing.

This is where Universal Web Design come in with a solution….

  • We are Affordable. Our prices tend to be at least 50% less than any of our competitors. We do not charge the steep costs of £2 000 for a simple web video.
  • We offer all the services that you will need to create a high quality web video.
  • We have Actors and Actresses of all ages available if necessary.
  • Our equipment is of a high standard. We can shoot in HD 1080p.
  • Leave the editing to us! Our software and marketing professionals will take care for any necessary editing for you!
  • Universal Web Design also install your video into your website.


Once you have your video marketing strategy in place you will be the one watching:

New website visitors, New customers, More exposure through social communication and most importantly more profits!


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