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Website audit

Do you know what a website audit is? It is definitely something that you cannot underestimate the effectiveness of. A website Audit is an incredibly important tool in maintaining the health and integrity of your website. You can do so much with the data from a website audit that it truly is an invaluable tool to use.

Think of an audit like an MOT for your car. You do it once a year at least and it can tell you if there is anything wrong with your car. A website audit does the exact same thing. It will go through your website and produce a detailed analysis of your website. It will tell you what is working, what is not. Talk about your website health and what is wrong with your website. This is especially helpful with older websites. Websites that have not been, or have been poorly maintained will have issues, broken links, outdated software, etc. a website audit can take you directly to the problem pages and tell you what is wrong with them. Definitely helpful, right?

If a website has not been audited, then it can result in issues with the navigability of the website. No one likes to go on a website and struggle to find anything on it. Struggle to get to specific pages. An Audit can help you to keep on top of that. It can also highlight any problems with the organisation of the pages.

Sometimes there can be penalties from search engines. If your website is old, you may have used some earlier SEO methods such as link farming or keyword stuffing. These will result in penalties if they are not adjusted or removed to meet the newer standards. Keeping on top of SEO is great, it increases your website visibility and increases your exposure, just make sure it keeps in line with newer guidelines.

Universal Web Design uses a website audit to great effect to the benefit of our customers. Our web designers use these audits to ensure that our client’s website remains useable, enjoyable and most importantly, in line with all guidelines. To book your website audit today, visit our website on, email us at or give us a call on 01206 588 000.