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Website Content

At Universal Web Design we provide services for all kinds of designing and marketing including website content writing. Website content is extremely important when it comes to making a new website. Without any website content, the fewer the amount of people it’ll reach.

Writing content 

Website content is made up of all different kinds of techniques and ways to help rank your website higher on google and here is how it works. Keywords are picked out that are relevant to your website and used multiple times within website content to allow google to pick out these when someone searches for these specific keywords. The more keywords you have and the more regularly your website content is updated, the more your website becomes a trusted source and gradually

Website content
Website content

 ranks higher and higher. 

SEO helps rank and monitor how well certain words are doing. Regularly monitoring allows you to understand what is doing well and what isn’t to change it to add more of what is doing well.

Website content can be added pages which focus on certain keywords only. However, you can have focused keywords within blogs too. Both these types of website content are effective and can be very complex. Our team of specialists focus on SEO and blogs to ensure your website is receiving the highest amount of exposure.

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Whether you’re looking to start a brand new website or add more website content, our team are here to help and ready to answer any questions you may have.

 If you are interested in any of our services then call us on 01206 588000 where we’ll book you in for a consultation as soon as possible. 

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