Website Maintenance Packages

by | Oct 23, 2014 | Unassigned

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At Universal Web Design we understand that designing and developing an effective and attractive website for our clients is just the beginning. This is why we offer a number of online marketing solutions aimed at optimising your online presence, making sure that your website is not only accessible but frequently viewed. Our business is results led and sales you make through your digital marketing is a reflection of how effective our strategy has been.

One service we are finding more and more beneficial for our clients is Website Maintenance. We offer a range of packages, starting from just £50 per month that have been developed to keep your website performing at its most efficient and effective.

Effectively our maintenance packages are the equivalent to taking on a full time web designer for your company. Everything that you would require an employee to do in maintaining and protecting your website can be offered to you remotely through one of our dedicated and highly trained team. Whether it is fixing issues with the running of the site, or updating it with vital information, your dedicated maintenance manager will be on hand to offer you these changes.

On average per month a company will require around 2 hours of development, to update and service your site. In this two hours we are able to offer a number of beneficial updates. We can add recently written blog posts, applying SEO tags to them in order to optimise their distribution. We can also update the content and company contact details, making sure that your clients have all the vital information correct. We can amend or swap images too, making sure that as your business evolves, your website does also.

As well as our maintenance packages we are also developing an exciting new Website Development Package too. The combination of these two services allows us to create the most effective online presence available, calling upon the vast experience and initiative of our team to improve the aesthetics of the website, speed up the browsing capabilities, optimise in order to boost Google rankings and to seamlessly integrate your social media accounts into the site itself.

This is a package currently under development, to make sure that we cover all aspects of the package effectively and offer them to you at a competitive price that boosts your business, rather than cripples it. Together our Website Maintenance and Development packages offer a comprehensive solution for all your optimisation needs.

For more details on either packages please get in touch directly so that we can begin to develop your bespoke, personal package today.