Is Your Website In Need Of Regular Maintenance?

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Unassigned

Whether you have a current website that isn’t performing how it should and looking to get advice, or enquiring about one of our bespoke web design packages, a question often asked by clients is: “why is regular maintenance needed for my website?”

Our in-house professionals are here to answer these type of questions with ease and find the perfect solution for your online presence. We aim to give our clients the understanding and the importance of keeping their website in good working order.

Regular maintenance of your website essentially allows your website to perform to its full capability. Failure to ignore such improvements may affect your reach, brand and overall business online.

Our Web Design/Maintenance team carry out  tasks in the form of security checks, software updates and website backups, these are all essential to reduce the possibility of your website being hacked or suffering from downtime.

Regular security updates on your website help to prevent software vulnerabilities, coupling this with a regular backup schedule will help to ensure your website’s content can be quickly restored as and when needed.

What does website maintenance cover?

  • Our team monitor the security of your website and are able to fix any current or potential issues that you may not be aware of.
  • Effectively monitoring and fixing any issues with your website benefits your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts.
  • Keeping on top of SEO errors and resolving them quickly ensures your website will be in a stronger position than your competitors, which is especially important for businesses who rely on their website for generating new business.
  • We expertly resolve search engine crawl errors with the website. Crawl errors include fixing broken links, incorrect website redirects or technical issues that would prevent search engines correctly indexing your website.
  • All website information must be accurate. Our professionals ensure this is of paramount importance.
  • Our processes solve and monitor possible operational problems (website compatibility with the latest web browsers)
  • We give your visitors/customers a reason to stay on your site for longer periods, through fast responsive and fully functioning, modern methods built within your website.
  • We are able to check your website via devices such as mobiles and tablets, ensuring your content is accessible on all modern devices.
  • Adding new features to your website could stop other areas of your website from working correctly, which is why it’s important to test new features properly before making them live – this is something we specialise in.
  • We keep your website constantly up to date with the latest CMS and Plugin updates and overall security monitoring.

Universal Web Design performs website maintenance on a monthly basis, starting from just £20 – you can choose the amount of time invested into your website maintenance via the packages on our website.

Keeping your website up-to date and running efficiently is a task most business owners overlook. However, our team of developers will ensure all theme files, plugins and your website database are working effectively with no ongoing issues.

To speak to our in-house team directly either in the office or on the telephone, please call Universal Web Design on 01206 588 000 or email – regular maintenance of your website is a must, if you’re looking to achieve online.