Website Management for Small Businesses

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Unassigned

Keeping your website up-to-date and running efficiently is a task that’s never technically complete. That’s because a website, once created, isn’t a static digital entity: it’s a platform that requires constant attention. In this blog post, we’ll be outlining the importance of website management for small businesses to ensure your website never misses a beat. 


What is Website Management?

Website management is a term used to describe a set of procedures for maintaining your website’s functionality. By ‘functionality’, we mean everything that makes it work efficiently. You could think of it as virtual housecleaning for your business’ online address. 


Why is Website Management Important? 

No website is safe from various issues which crop up over time. Like people, websites need to evolve and improve if they stand a chance at long-term success. Ever visited a website you can tell is stuck in the past? Well, in 2022, this isn’t a good look. 

83% of customers consider a seamless website experience on all devices to be very important. Broken links, slow page-loading times and security vulnerabilities put serious dents in your website’s credibility. Here’s where website management can help.


Website Management at Universal Web Design

If you lack the technical knowledge required to keep your website running smoothly, Universal Web Design is here to help. Our website management packages are designed with SMEs in mind and are all focused on eliminating downtime. 

For as little as £20/month, we’ll periodically trawl your website for errors that could be detrimental to your business’ success. Choose from packages ranging from Bronze to Platinum Plus and wave goodbye to 404s and pesky bugs for good!