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Website Management

Keeping your website up to date, with the latest images and content, has never been easier!

Universal works with over 750 small businesses in the form of website and marketing support. We provide businesses with an easy and affordable option when it comes to managing a website through pay monthly packages.

Essentially, you can benefit from ongoing website management for a fixed monthly fee. The minimum term is 5 years which is rolling thereafter with only 90 days notice required via online cancellation form.

Select Your Website Type


Cost Per Month

Brochure Website


Online Shop


Take Away


Car Dealership


Estate Agency


Model Agency


Learning Management System


Recruitment Agency


Crowd Funding






Social Platform


eBay Marketplace


Website Management Package Contents

Package Contents

Add/Edit/Delete Images

Add/Edit/Delete Pages

Add/Edit/Delete Text

Add/Edit/Delete Users

Add/Edit/Delete Grids

Add/Edit/Delete Tables

Add/Edit/Delete Links

Add/Edit/Delete Sections

Add/Edit/Delete Titles

Add/Edit/Delete Meta Data

Add/Edit/Delete Comments

Add/Edit/Delete Blogs

Add/Edit/Delete Main Menu

Add/Edit/Delete Footer Menu

Add/Edit/Delete 404 Page

Add/Edit/Delete Side Menu

Add/Edit/Delete Forms

Add/Edit/Delete Icons

Add/Edit/Delete Video Embed

Add/Edit/Delete Testimonials

Add/Edit/Delete Logo

Add/Edit/Delete Favicon

Add/Edit/Delete Case Studies

Add/Edit/Delete Awards

Add/Edit/Delete T&C's

Add/Edit/Delete Policies

Add/Edit/Delete Telephone

Add/Edit/Delete Mobile

Add/Edit/Delete Email

Add/Edit/Delete Hours

Add/Edit/Delete Address

Add/Edit/Delete Gallery

Add/Edit/Delete PDFs

Add/Edit/Delete Portfolio

Add/Edit/Delete Live Chat

Add/Edit/Delete FAQ's

Desktop Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Tablet Compatibility

Laptop Compatibility

Update Colour Scheme

Update Font Size

Update Google Analytics

Update Font Colour

Update Typography

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