What is SMS Marketing?

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Unassigned

What is SMS Marketing? As a business, you are likely to have a variety of marketing tools, all with their pros and cons. Over the years marketing has developed in line with technology.

For most, marketing is becoming predominantly an online task. Whether its social media, email marketing, or Google Ads, connecting with consumers online is far more effective and easier than traditional methods such as leaflets or banners.

One marking tool that many overlook is SMS Marketing. Email marketing and even social media are seen as popular due to the amount of content that can be written in an email or over multiple posts (drip feeding), however, SMS Marketing can be just as effective.

A High Open Rate

The open rate is extremely high for SMS Marketing. Compare open rates to click rate for other marketing campaigns. For example, social media posts may be scrolled over far easier than a text. Many consumers are likely to click on a text as they feel it is personal to them as well as making their inbox clean. 

Target Audience

SMS is the most frequently used app on smartphones. By sending an SMS to multiple contacts, consumers are directly and quickly reached. Your message is likely to be read within the first 3 minutes of being sent. Having such an efficient interaction with consumers allows your business to reach a vast number within a short amount of time.

Consumer Interaction

Through SMS marketing, your consumers can directly interact with your business. Add replies to SMS campaigns to create a database of information on consumers. Giving consumers the option to reply builds a direct relationship and reassures consumers regarding your business’s strong communication skills. 

Direct Contact

The contact between your business and your consumer is direct. Unlike other forms of marketing, the consumer does not need to go onto any alternative sites or open any weblinks to find your marketing content. The content is dropped directly into their laps.

Universal Web Design can help design an SMS campaign for your business. Attract your consumers in the right way with SMS marketing by directly contacting them with offers or products. 

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