What To Ask When Designing A Website

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Unassigned

When it comes to designing a website for a client, there are a few things that you need to consider and ask them before you start. You need to be sure of what their website is, for instance. They may be asking for a brochure website but you begin an e-commerce website.

You need to keep the client happy in order to retain their business. Here are a few helpful questions you should ask your clients before starting to design their website.

The First Questions You Should Ask

As why first. Why they are redesigning their website? Why are they wanting a web presence if they are only now moving online? Knowing the why can help you to understand the client’s needs. If they are just now moving online, you can find out exactly what their needs and expectations are. If they are moving to your company, you can find out why they are moving to your company, what they are unhappy with when it comes to their website. (source).

What are Clients Goals? What do they want to get out of their website? Knowing this is crucial. This can help you to tailor the website to the client’s needs. If they have an existing website, you can find out about the problems that they are experiencing with their current website and what needs improvement. (source)

You should also ask about what the visitors will get out of the website. Will it be an interactive website? Is it a website to inform the visitor? Finding this out will mean that you can discover what needs to be on the website. You can ensign the website to the purpose so that the visitors can get the maximum amount possible out of it. (source)

Knowing what the website will look like, feel like and the image that it will convey is crucial in web design. Knowing these things will help you set the tone for the website also that it will suit the content. This can make a website, especially if you can match those three considerations to the target audience. (source)

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