Why Analytics is so Important for Businesses

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Unassigned

With the growing use of social media, websites and emails, there is a new way of receiving business data through the internet. The use of analytics is much more efficient in comparison to using primary data and gathering the feedback first hand. Instead, by using analytics you can gather customer feedback, their insights and wants online, using filters to help you to find the data that you need a lot easier than before. Using this method can also help platforms to gain the advantage over their competitors, by providing opportunities for innovation within their company.

Social Media analytics:

Using social media analytics to gather data is not a new tool, actually it is something that has been growing in popularity as a way to engage customers by supplying them with content that suits them the best. Analytics can be gathered in multiple ways from social media, by age range, gender, to the videos that you watch the most and content that you like. There are also many other ways in which your time online can be tracked, by using your location, and using your detailed profile. This can help them gain the data needed to help platforms to categorise and segment users, targeting them towards more precise ads and content. By showing you trends and suggested content that you may like, the algorithm can also help platforms in making strategic decisions that could help to benefit them positively in the future.

Google and advertising:

Google is also another platform that uses analytics to help to progress and expose their company to a larger number of potential users. By using Google Analytics, the platform can track the users behaviour on various websites such as google search, maps and youtube. This in turn helps Google by teaching them how its users interact with its products, pages they visit, the duration they stay on the page and the actions that they take. This is an example of the real-time monitoring method, used to help to track the user and look out for alerts which could be dangerous, giving the companies time to be able to respond promptly to any threats on their platform. Using adwords and advertising is also another way in which the platform can track analytics from you. As it tracks the performance of all of Google’s ads campaigns, it can help to provide advertisers with the data on click-through rates, allowing them to fine tune their campaigns based upon these insights. Since ecommerce has become extremely popular and also as a form of online shopping, google analytics can be integrated with the ecommerce websites to help companies to track users journeys, conversion rates, and enhance its shopping – related services.

Email Campaigns:

Using analytics to track email campaigns has also become popular, as it can be used to track how engaging their emails are to their customers. By making use of the percentage of recipients that open an email, the company can make note on who is opening the emails, allowing them to alter their target market or advertising to make them more optimal for the viewer. One of the most common types of tracking so far has been the click – through rate analysis, something which emails use as well, to make note on how many of their recipients click on the links in their emails. By taking note of the most efficient time that people would check their emails, the company then has insight on which times are more optimal, allowing them to schedule their emails to a specific day or night. This can then help marketers to identify the company’s most compelling content and offers, which can help them in changing their plans to help to get more customers to subscribe to their content.

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