Why SMS Marketing Is Still Important In 2023

by | Oct 3, 2023 | Unassigned

Marketing is crucial when communicating in this era, and using SMS is a simple yet effective method to get into contact with customers and potential business partners. SMS has the ability to complement with other forms of communication and marketing platforms such as social media, emails and mobile apps, allowing businesses to create a cohesive marketing strategy that can make their company well known to others.

Engagement of recipients:

One of the main things that you want as a business is the ability to get your message across quickly to your client or other businesses. By using SMS messages, there is a very high open rate, meaning that almost 98% of recipients read messages within the first few minutes of receiving them. This makes SMS a very effective tool for reaching your target audience quickly, ensuring that your message is seen. Whilst SMS is very useful in terms of efficiency, it is also very effective when it comes to establishing a real-time communication channel, which allows businesses to send time-sensitive information, promotions and updates to customers instantly. Since SMS messages are usually much more concise in comparison to an email, it makes the audience much more likely to capture their attention. This leads to higher engagement levels compared to the use of other marketing channels like social media and emails.

Cost – effective marketing:

One of the most important factors to consider when using SMS marketing is how cost-effective the process is. Since messaging does not cost very much in comparison to other terms of marketing like TV ads, magazines, and prints, it makes this form of marketing widely accessible to all sizes of businesses. Many services that have SMS messaging systems have a range of offers, that could mean that businesses can buy messaging packages at a reduced and affordable rate. Due to advertisements not being printed, the business does not need to pay for a printer, which also eliminates the need for paper, ink, and postage fees, saving the business a lot more money. Targeted messaging means using more personal information into the SMS message, for example using the client’s name is more likely to have them engaged in your offers. You can send messages to specific customer segments, creating altered offers aimed at certain demographics. SMS messaging advertising is permission-based, so has to be accepted by the recipient before you can send messages, meaning that all of those that accept the permission are genuinely interested in your products. This creates higher levels of engagement, causing there to be a decrease in the amount of wastage that the marketing method produces, overall increasing the cost-effectiveness for the business.

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