Why use social media?

by | Oct 27, 2012 | Unassigned

Many businesses are now using social media within their internet marketing strategy

but many still ask; why use social media?

The dominance of Social Media is continuing to rise very quickly, and organisations of all types are beginning to recognise the way that social media can better help them understand, attract the attention of, as well as responding to their constant feedback.

As a Social Media Agency, we are able to manage your Social Media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This includes writing posts, promoting special offers, as well as posting videos and uploading photos. We are also able to target a specific target audience based on Gender, Age, Job Title and much more!

As a result of this recognition, many businesses are beginning to adopt social media at a rapid pace, embracing the power of Facebook, Twitter as well as actually writing their own blogs to achieve various marketing and public relations aims and goals. There are various advantages of using Social Media to enhance your online presence:

Information travels quicker

Social networking gives businesses a much faster, as well as a much more focused and precise way of conveying important information to your target market. Using old methods such as leaflet distribution, newspaper adverts can take days, or even weeks to actually reach it’s target audience, due to the various boundaries and legal regulations, not to mention the huge cost for promoting in this manner. There is also no manner of measuring the success rates for the promotion through old forms of promotion, however, using Social Media, you can view page views, specific post views, and even narrow your views down to geographical area. This means businesses can gain a much more focused target market, simply through

On the other hand, Social Media allows businesses to convey information, not just news, but images, audio and even video all across the globe instantly, and also eliminates the cost involved with the older methods of promotion. Social Media also has the advantage of the fact that it can be shared by bloggers and friends around the world through “word-of-mouth”

Social Media also provides a a much more widespread coverage, however, it also allows much more targeted coverage, meaning that your business will be able to reach a much more relevant customer base, rather than simply through conventional media outlets alone.

As well as this, the number of physical print publications is continuing to decline, which means the number of people using the internet to access and share information is continuing to rise.

Improve Brand Awareness

Social Media is a very useful tool for enhancing the general awareness and image of your company. The networking will allow your company to “spread the word’ about your company in a much more efficient and future proof manner, meaning brand recognition, as well as the awareness of your company will be hugely increased, meaning a fundamental increase in sales.

Increased Website Traffic & SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is considered to be a key component of today’s internet marketing, and Social Media is an ideal way to complement your businesses SEO initiatives.  Most Social Media techniques, including the frequent use of key phrases, title tags and links to other blogs will vastly improve your Search Engine rankings.  As well as this, Social Media allows you to broaden your businesses channels of communication, as SEO will only rely on using search engines such as Google and Yahoo to drive target consumers to your website.