WordPress Website Managment Packages

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WordPress Website Management Services

As a WordPress website owner, you may wish to consider Universal Web Designs website management services. Unlike most web design companies, Universal wishes to ensure that your website is kept up to date and running effectively each and every month.

Until now, it has not been cost effective for Universal Web Design or the customer to have their website files, plugins and themes kept up to date. Before, it has always been left to the customer to ensure their website is current with the latest platform version.

Just like a laptop, car or garden, for optimal performance, it is best to keep your website up to date and it is advised to implement such updates on a monthly basis. Doing so will fix any bugs or minor glitches that can occur. All WordPress website owners are welcome to keep all aspects up to date themselves, however, many are likely to want a professional website design company such as Universal Web Design to implement such updates for them.

Beyond updating your website system, you might also wish to consider additional service features. Please find a breakdown of all service components below with a pricing table beneath.

WordPress CMS Updates (B / S / G / P / P+)

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. With an estimated 74,652,825 websites using WordPress. No wonder the platform is developed and improved on a frequent basis.

Custom Theme Updates (B / S / G / P / P+)

Regardless as to whether your website is a bespoke or templated design, all WordPress based websites require a theme and it is important the theme, plugins and wordpress version are all of the same or similar version. Subsequently at times some PHP alterations can be required.

Plugin Updates (B / S / G / P / P+)

WordPress is globally renowned for enabling developers to produce plugins that can be bought and sold or provided for free. Plugins make it cost effective for businesses to incorporate advanced features and functions within their website. As with WordPress and the themes installed, plugins need to be updated to prevent bugs, fix patches and retain compatibility.

24/7 Up-time Monitoring (S / G / P / P+)

Receive a monthly report highlighting when your website was on and offline.

Enhanced Security Implementation (G / P / P+)

Keep your website safe and secure through ongoing security updates and integration of advanced measures. Prevent automated systems hacking into your website

Ongoing Security Monitoring (G / P / P+)

Our system provides an alert when your website is at risk, enabling us to act accordingly to prevent any potential issues.

SEO Monitoring (P / P+)

Ensure your website is performing effectively and ranking well for specified search terms.

WordPress Speed Optimisation (P / P+)

Time is of the essence, ensure your website loads quickly for all customers.

Broken Links Check (P+)

Broken links can end business relationships within a click. Avoid any issues with monthly broken link checks.

301 & 302 Setup (P+)

Avoid any lost website traffic through temporary and permanent link setup.

Monthly Reports (B / S / G / P / P+)

All packages include a monthly report as standard.


Service Level

Monthly Report

Price (per month)




£ 20.00




£ 30.00




£ 40.00




£ 50.00

Platinum Plus



£ 70.00

Please note, due to no setup cost, all packages require a minimum commitment of 12 months.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions as we are more than happy to help.