Writing Relevant Blogs

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Unassigned

Online Presence

Creating an online presence and a brand is a complex yet rewarding task. Whether your website is purely informative or a sales platform, having an easy to use, well branded, and clear website is the key to online success.

Gaining traffic through a website can be increased through creating relevant and interesting blogs on a ‘News’ page full of applicable SEO content, but who is reading your blogs? Are they relevant? Is your traffic relevant and useful to you?

Your website is more than just information!

Your online presence is potentially your largest marketing platform and should have branding that is as professional you are. A website is a great way of showcasing your business’s identity. Such a task is done through a range of informative and well-designed pages, one being your ‘news’ page. 

What is the ‘News’ page?

A news page consists of multiple blogs containing either information on your business or topics related to your company which would interest your target market. If such a service is requested from Universal Web Design (UWD), we can create as many or as little blogs as you would like.

Unlike other web pages, the content of blogs can be on a range of topics not necessarily directly related to your business, such as related news statements or seasonal subjects.

How can your ‘News’ page bring in more potential clients?

At UWD we use your News page to draw in potential clients by discussing like-minded topics and thus writing relevant blogs. Such readers may find your blogs informative and gain additional interest in you. Using this platform allows your readers to know that your company is well and truly acquainted when it comes to your area of expertise. 

UWD understands that first and foremost before a potential client can read your blog, they must find it. We discuss in detail with yourself who your target market is and what services they may be looking for. From this information, our dedicated team of experts are able to determine specific ‘SEO’ terms making your page easier to find amongst the rest. 

What should I write about?

Your blog content should be firstly relevant to your business. Blogs can be directly or indirectly related to your profession and should help the reader to develop a further image of your business. The dedicated professionals at UWD can create blogs regarding topics or content chosen by you. Or alternatively, we at UWD can use our expert knowledge of your business to write blogs using our own content. 

How can UWD help?

We at UWD understand that blog writing is lengthy and the time, for most people can be used more wisely elsewhere. Our dedicated experts can keep your ‘News’ page up to date, relevant and full of the correct SEO’s to ensure your website gets the maximum amount of traffic.

For any queries or further information on how Universal Web Design can help your business increase your relevant site traffic, call us today on  01206 588000 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff.

Or email info@universalwebdesign.co.uk if you have any questions regarding any services on offer by UWD.