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From the team

Riverside Estates is an independent firm of estate agents covering Feering, Coggeshall, Tiptree, Witham and all surrounding villages and have an excess of 50 years of experience in property, mortgages, surveys and conveyancing. Universal Web Design, an internet marketing agency recently produced an elegant new website for Riverside Estates. Universal Web Design provides affordable small business web design and aims to provide professional yet simple web design solutions with visitor usability in mind.

The Riverside Estates’ website itself is an elegant blend of the company’s colours with a captivating image of a riverside. This creates a very warm and welcoming feeling with professionalism and the company image in mind. The website itself is very simple to navigate and provides all the relevant information in a simple and easy to access manner which allows users effortless usability. Universal Web Design also incorporated a ‘Favourites’ feature which allows users to mark their favourite choices which they can come back to later, a great example of great visitor usability.

We constantly hear that when choosing a property it is all about the “location”; well Universal Web Design has incorporated an “Area Profile” feature that allows users to search areas based on specific desired features such as: schools, sport and leisure facilities and transport and much more! This is a fantastic feature that will make it much easier for clients to find their desired property; for example commuters might want to live within a relatively close distance to a train station or families would like to live in an area with access to good schools. This is a superb example of how Universal Web Design’s ‘Affordable Web Design Packages’ can help businesses achieve their potential in an ever more competitive market.

Property searching is easy and made incredibly simple!

When arriving on the home page you are greeted with a search box with various search criteria such as: location, number of beds and type of house (and more) which can be personalised to suit any individual needs of a potential buyer. Or you can search by more generic criteria such as ‘renting’ or ‘buying’ under the ‘properties’ drop down allowing you to view only the properties with your specified search criteria. Matching properties are shortlisted showing price, a short description, an image and the number of bedrooms and baths allowing visitors to get a brief general summary of the property and when something catches your eye, you can click on the property to get all the details about the property such as what sort of heating, when it was published and what sort of parking is available. Universal Web Design makes all the information easily available and uncomplicated though their simple yet effective design giving users everything they need to know about the property, and if all is not answered; an enquiry box is at the bottom where Riverside Estates will be more than happy to answer any questions a client might have!

Universal Web Design have created a professional, elegant but yet so simple website that makes navigation a breeze and property hunting far easier that you thought it would be! Property hunting is stressful as it is, why make it complicated? Universal Web Design’s affordable web design and search engine optimisation services is without a doubt an essential to have to make any business more accessible to its target market but also create a captivating first impression that will increase business!