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E-Commerce Website Design

For Sensual Moon Jewelry

Sensual Moon makes hand crafted and value for money jewellery for every occasion. Sensual Moon creator, Lesley, come from a very artistic background being related to the Scottish artist Robert Monro Bryson and whose father starts his own design and printing business at a your age. It is important for an artist such as Lesley to stand out and differentiate herself from others with her own unique style. Therefore Universal Web Design, an internet marketing agency providing web design in Colchester created Lesley a stylish and graceful new website from where she can sell her jewellery. Universal Web Design provides affordable small business web design and aims to provide professional yet simple web design solutions with visitor usability within mind.

Sensual Moon features one of Universal Web Design’s small business website design packages that can incorporate features such as search engine optimisation services and affordable SEO marketing which would make your business easier to find by clients. The Sensual Moon website itself is a warm and soft blend of light purple and pink which masterfully lives up to the image created by the company name. The embroidery –like pattern accompanied by the company name features throughout the webpage at the top as you navigate through creating the constant awareness that you are on the Sensual Moon website.

This also acts as a link back to the home screen should you ever desire to return to the home screen. Navigation around the Sensual Moon website is made very simple as each major category features at the top of the webpage with several subdivisions where a user’s search can be more refined to what they are looking for. For example under the “Catalogue” section one can specify to “bracelets, long/short necklaces and earrings” etc. This feature allows users who are looking for something specific to find it with ease. Within the catalogue itself; Universal Web Design incorporated the traditional shopping website appearance that we are all too familiar with into the Sensual Moon website with features such as being able to sort your listings in an ascending or descending order by criteria such as “price, date, title and author” etc making it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Sensual Moon is also a bespoke enthusiast of jewellery events catering for all jewellery enthusiasts and their needs. This is a very welcoming personal touch incorporated in Universal Web Design’s design of the website giving users the feeling that they are buying more than just jewellery and not just from any ordinary jewellery maker. This is also a great way to convey Lesley’s passion as she tries to extend her enthusiasm and zeal for her jewellery making business to customers.

Universal Web Design has created a professional, elegant and graceful website that caters for all jewellery shoppers’ needs – making it easy and fun! Sensual Moon will ensure that you will find whatever you need to look and more importantly feel the best and paramount of all is that this is all affordable! When looking for website design in Colchester; Universal Web Design’s affordable web design and search engine optimisation services is without a doubt an essential to have to make any business more accessible and attractive to its target market but also create a captivating first impression that will live up to the quality of the business and leave customers impressed with professionalism and effortless usability.