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Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill is the site that we created to promote our founder Danny Nevill. We had to make the website look clean cut, professional and engaging. To achieve this we used a monochrome palate coupled with business centric imagery. In this site we offer the readers a short biography of Danny and how he came to enter the business world. Here is just a small snippet: Danny had a choice to make. Pursue golf and wait until he was 18 to take the PGA exam, or continue down the path of digital marketing; a path he was already half way along; after much thought and deliberation, Danny chose the latter” Check out the website itself to learn the full story!

There is also Nevill Media which specialises in the creation and distribution of specialist digital media guides. These include such things as SEO optimisation and email marketing techniques. Plus everything in-between! His other ventures include Dino Gavanni, which is an online retailer trading in exciting and interesting jewellery! Finally there is X1 models that is a modelling agency based right here in Colchester. So if you want to learn more about Danny, his awards or his businesses then go ahead and check out his site!

In this site we also included the awards that Danny has won as well as a list of the businesses that he has founded – Universal Web Design isn’t the only one! The two awards that he is won are the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 at the Colchester Youth Awards, and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 at the Essex Business Awards. Both of these organisations have a long and excellent reputation in their respective areas. The latter of the two has been up and running for over 20 years now! We hope Danny can win again soon!