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Suspend A Service

With Universal Web Design

We aim to work with all types of successful businesses in their respective industries, who have ambition to further their success and goals on a long-term basis. We understand that in the modern world, digital marketing has made marketing very affordable and accessible for businesses of any size, even for those with little experience in this area and this is why we are here to help you as much as we possibly can.

If after all of the help and support the in-house team at Universal Web Design is able to offer, whether it be in person, phone conversations or email correspondences and you still wish to suspend your service with us, please complete the form below to ensure your service suspension is professionally managed for you.

Please note that we accept no other means of suspending services, other than through completion of this form.

It is very rare for any business to want to suspend their services, however, if you get into other issues within your business, we want to support you where we can. On this note, if there is anything we can do beyond suspending a specific service, then please do let us know.

If you would like to discuss this further then please don’t hesitate to call 01206 588 000. Alternatively you can email the team via



Suspend Service

Fields marked with an * are required

Do you accept any and all personal liability for false cancellation and or cancellation without your company’s approval (this is to protect our valued clients)

Please select the service you wish to cancel below:

We wish to thank you for completing this form and a member of the team will be in contact shortly. Please note that the average response time is usually around 48 hours due to assessing your points with team members. We hope we can avoid service suspension with you by any workaround we can come up with together.

Please note that we require 60 days notice for all service suspensions in addition to the minimum term agreed. We also apply a £60 charge per service suspension to cover the administration of your request and to avoid chop and change decision making which is very costly in time. Please also note that service credits will be applied to your account for any months you do not require the service, to be used in the future!

We do however hope we can resolve any concerns you have so that we can continue to deliver you with great services for your business. 

Afterall, your website and marketing are essential assets and should be constantly built upon and added to with more channels for enquiry and sales generation.