Today I want to share the Importance of great web design. As a passionate web developer I appreciate the time and effort that goes into a great website. Unfortunately I feel as though this has been overlooked by far too many businesses.

Whilst I emphasise the importance of great design, I don’t expect every business to spend thousands on a trend setting website. However I do feel as though some web designers are slacking in creativity when it comes to producing professional websites for clients.

I’m sure that many web designers will agree that when you create websites for clients you are restricted in areas from being too creative ‘visually’ however the functionality and user experience of the website, as with all websites should be second to none.

All web designers should consider the symmetry, colour scheme, font style and size, call to action points and menu layout in order to create a website that is easy for website users.

There is a saying in modern web design that I agree with,

and this is ‘less is more’. In the modern world of design this is certainly a developing trend and I can see the ‘less is more’ approach being embraced throughout the web design industry.

When a website is designed correctly it should look good throughout all fashion trends. It’s a fact that smart web design, where quality shines through possesses true value and continues to be ‘fashionable’ for a considerable amount of time. 

I wish more web designers produced elegant websites with touches of unique brilliance rather than un-fashionable, hideous, over complex sites that regularly disappoint. I have a passion for great web design but it seems as though many designers skimp over the detail required for a good looking website. 

More people are using mobile, tablet and even TV devices to access the web nowadays and it’s essential for all web designers to bring these factors into consideration when they visit the drawing board. Through simplistic, professional web design, websites are easy to read, viewable and easy to use on all devices, this is yet another essential capability that most web designers seem to be overlooking. Website designers should create websites professionally so they withstand technological developments. 

It’s paramount that colours are used to their best effect whilst designing a website. Psychological testing and analysis, has proven how powerful and influential colours can be. This is why a website should include the businesses colour pallet throughout to compliment the brand.

A website that assimilates the companies brand colours looks tastefully designed and customers will appreciate the effort invested into your website design. Customers notice carful consideration and they appreciate your exertion for detail. A website is the forefront for most businesses and symoblises the professionalism of the company. A masterfully put together website, should unquestionably add value to your products and services.  If your website portrays your business negatively, likewise your business products and services will be de-valued.

I hope that this article ensures that you review your current website and in turn question whether your current site improves, matches or devalues your products or services. 

Your website is no different to packaging, have you packaged your offering in such a way that people want to deal with you?